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Food Drive

2010 October 28

Westfalia is an orphanage situated about 90 minutes outside of Lima, Peru and provides housing and care for around 100 children with ages varying from 4 to 17. While Westfalia Orphanage has several self-sustaining strategies in place such as growing their own fruit and vegetables and baking their own bread, the constant needs of 100 children and carers are very demanding. There are only so many potatoes they can grow, and they can’t supply all the children’s needs.

Rural schools and institutions do not receive the necessary government support and Westfalia constantly struggles to maintain food levels. The actual government supply the orphanage receives is only a monthly quota of rice. They are forced to rely on charity to meet its needs. The situation is always so extreme that meat is not included in their diet. The kids will only have meat on special occasions, when available, sometimes once per month.

So sonrisasenperu is organising a food drive in the lead up to Christmas. Simply donating as little as $5 will make a difference in the food levels at Westfalia Orphanage. So if you can help out please click here and help make a difference in the lives of these kids. If you are in Lima and wish to donate food items (or clothes, books, etc.) simply send us an email. You can also help out by sending this link to your work colleagues and friends. These kids really need help and its not hard for us to make a difference. Thanks!

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  1. Fran Alexander permalink
    April 28, 2011

    Would like to organize some help in some way.l was thinking perhaps l could canvas some organizations and get soccer balls together. This would be just a start.children love to kick a ball around. I understand cash would be more important but l will work on that

  2. April 28, 2011

    Hi Fran,
    That sounds great! Like all Peruvians the kids are crazy about soccer (or football depending on where you are!), and they actually kick around a couple of beat up balls so they would definitely appreciate that. They actually play regular games against 3 other orphanges in Lima. Thanks!

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