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2019 Westfalia Orphanage Christmas Party, Peru

2020 December 20

First off, sorry for the delay! I’ve been locked out of the website for almost a year. But my buddy Lee G. updated it and I’m back! I update the Facebook page more regularly so please check that out too.

On Saturday December 21, 2019, we hosted the Sonrisasenperu 10th annual Westfalia Orphanage Christmas Party. 10 years!! I can’t believe it’s been a decade! As always, it’s the most important day of the year for the 120+ orphans tucked away in the dry mountains outside of Lima, Peru. My main goal is to show these kids that they are loved and cared for. They get a chance to feel like regular children and enjoy Christmas. As always a really big thanks to everybody who contributed through donations, gifts, food, or their time. It was an amazing day only made possible with help from you guys!

The Christmas party has always been loads of fun and just seems to get better every year. As usual we had an amazing show with dancers, DJ, singing, dancing, games and prizes, face-painting, and Santa and helpers were handing out the gifts. It was such a special day for the kids that live at the remote orphanage in Cieneguilla on the outskirts of Lima, Peru.

Of course we had a huge turkey lunch. It’s extra special because the children don’t eat a lot of meat due to a lack of funds. So the event is always a lot of fun for the kids. Huge shout out to Sean from Canada who always helps us out with getting a hold of the turkeys. All the way from Canada!

Thank you to everyone who got involved in the gift process whether that be with a donation from a far, physically donating a gift or coming out and spending time with the children. It meant a lot to them to spend such a great day with good people. I didn’t sleep much for the week before the party but it’s always worth it seeing their faces.

Santa and his helpers handed out the gifts and the kids’ faces said it all as they came up and collected them. These aren’t kids who have bikes, phones, playstations, or toys we took for granted growing up so the gifts were really special for them.

A big thank you to those who have helped us make this event so special. For over 10 years I have personally seen amazing changes in these children. They all come from terrible situations whether it be abuse, abandonment, literally found abandoned in the streets, or simply that their families cannot afford to care for them. But they become a part of this big family. And I tell you, there is a strong, real, protective love here and it heals. So thank you for making a difference in the lives of others, so far away.

Thanks for helping to make a difference!

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