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Peru floods and Westfalia Orphanage

2017 March 21
by scott

Hello friends. As you’ve probably heard there are disastrous floods in Peru at the moment, the worst in 30 years due to El Niño. At least 75 people have died and the floods have directly affected half the country with 800 towns and cities declaring a state of emergency. More than 70,000 people have lost their homes as Peru’s rainy season has delivered 10 times as much rainfall than usual. Infrastructure damages have also been reported, at least 8 hospitals have been destroyed by flooding and 16 others are uninhabitable.

Westfalia Orphanage, and the 130 children, has been directly affected with the only road washed completely away with no foreseeable timeline as to when it can be repaired. The ONLY physical access to the orphanage is a footbridge which is expected to collapse if the floods continue (the video below shows the Lurin River which runs close to the orphanage. The footbridge I mentioned can be seen at 1:30 IN THE VIDEO BELOW). This would leave the orphanage completely isolated. So we’re racing to get supplies across the footbridge before it collapses. We need G-size diapers, milk, rice, flour, yeast, toilet paper, hygienic towels, menestras, tuna and other preserves. If you can help out please send us a donation
If you are in Lima and wish to help please send a message. Feel free to share this page. Thank you!! And I’ll keep you all updated.

(The footbridge I mentioned can be seen at 1:30)

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