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Hawaii’s Punahou High School project for our kids!

2015 July 22

A huge thank you to Mr Earle and the students¬†from PUNAHOU HIGH SCHOOL, in Honolulu, Hawaii, for their amazing project, writing and illustrating children’s books for the children of Westfalia Orphanage. His students are learning Spanish and part of the course was a project to create these incredible children’s books. Mr Earle sent them from Hawaii all the way to Peru and they were handed out to the kids of Westfalia Orphanage. As you can see by the photos they were a hug hit!

Thanks so much for your wonderful effort guys! My apologies for some mediocre photography work!

IMG_20150614_145136 IMG_20150614_145555IMG_20150614_153924IMG_20150614_150109 IMG_20150614_150408 IMG_20150614_150422 IMG_20150614_150428 IMG_20150614_150435 IMG_20150614_150451 IMG_20150614_150509 IMG_20150614_150515 IMG_20150614_150524 IMG_20150614_150533 IMG_20150614_150545 IMG_20150614_151329 IMG_20150614_151338 IMG_20150614_151347 IMG_20150614_151355 IMG_20150614_151404 IMG_20150614_151410 IMG_20150614_151426 IMG_20150614_151439 IMG_20150614_151805 IMG_20150614_151813 IMG_20150614_151818 IMG_20150614_151913 IMG_20150614_152323 IMG_20150614_152340 IMG_20150614_152858 IMG_20150614_152909 IMG_20150614_152922 IMG_20150614_152931 IMG_20150614_153005 IMG_20150614_153825 IMG_20150614_153834 IMG_20150614_153840 IMG_20150614_153842 IMG_20150614_153850 IMG_20150614_154432

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