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Westfalia Orphanage 2012 Christmas Drive

2012 November 20

On December 22 we’re hosting our annual Sonrisasenperu Christmas party for 100+ kids of Westfalia Orphanage. These kids all come from broken, abusive homes, abandonment or their families had to give them up as they simply didn’t have the money to care for them. These kids don’t have phones, playstations, or televisions. They don’t go to the cinema on a Saturday night or a weekend away at the beach with family. They live in an orphanage compound in the mountains of Cieneguilla on the far edge of Lima and we want to brighten up their Christmas which is traditionally a sad time for them as they don’t have the family time we all have.

We are organising presents for 140 children. This includes the 100 children of the orphanage, some past orphans who have ventured into work or study, as well as some of the childrens’ family members who will coming to the party. We’ll also be providing nibblies, drinks, a traditional turkey lunch, lollies and desserts. We’re going to have lots of games, competitions, prizes and face painting. We’re hiring a group to provide a live show for the kids which includes singing and dancing. Oh yeah, and we’ll be providing lots of fun! … BUT we really need your help!

I know we’ve asked a lot this year…with your help we’ve provided clean drinking water so the kids aren’t drinking dirty river water and getting sick. You’ve helped fund a new industrial stove to replace the gas-leaking, 22 year old stove as well as a load of new pots and pans. You’ve helped replace 72  broken windows and provide literally tonnes of food and essential supplies to the orphanage. But we need you to dig deep one more time this year. If you can help out please send us a donation, and remember every dollar counts! We need to make sure 140 children get a present, a memorable turkey lunch, lollies, drinks, games, prizes, etc. If you’ve never donated and been a bit hesitant…now is your chance 🙂

If you’re here in Lima Peru and want to donate a gift, please send us an email. You can also see the 2011 Sonrisasenperu Christmas party here!

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