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Water project update!

2012 May 2
by scott

We are finally approaching the date of installation for the water purification system. Over the past month we have reviewed the original plan, made a few tweaks to accommodate some new discoveries and finalized the overall plan. We are assigning some responsibilities to the orphanage that involve better protection for the water cisterns and the well from potential pollutants. As it stands, the cisterns and the well are not properly protected from the possible introduction of foreign material, in particular fecal pollution and/or entry into the system of some unsuspecting living thing that might fall in, die, and pollute the entire system. This is an easy remedy with the simple fabrication of a more protective well cover and covers for the roof access points to the cisterns.

In terms of expenses thus far, I have attached copies of the invoices for items that were ordered from the U.S. from two separate companies, HomePlus and Fresh Water Systems. These items have reached Peru now and we have begun the installation process!

Total for two invoices: $957.97

Repacking and shipping from Florida: $202.30

Purchase of locally available filters, mounting board etc: s/408.59 soles ($153.60)

Total expenses paid to date: $957.97 + $202.3 + $153.60 = $1,313.87

Randy assembled all the components for the actual filter unit and hooked it up in his own kitchen for a test run! (see photo below).  The system includes the UV (that big long thing on the left), three filters (the biggest one being a carbon block filter, the others for sediment) a pump to ensure adequate water pressure, a solenoid switch to shut the system down in the event of electrical failure, light failure or low UV. A UV monitor that shows the rate of UV and also sounds an alarm when UV falls below safe levels or the light burns out, and also clocks the days until changing the bulb. A circuit breaker system to protect against electrical surge. More photos of the installation process will be posted as they occur.


But we still have more work to do…

Expenses still to be incurred:

IGV (Peruvian tax on foreign goods) Approx: $200

2″ PVC pipe and fittings for re-routing of water feed to storage tank. Approx: s/400 soles ($151)

3/4 inch PVC pipe and fittings to supply kitchen roof tank from primary storage tank. Approx: s/200 soles ($75)

New 1/2 hp pump for primary storage tank. s/150 soles ($57)

Final water test $53

Total of anticipated additional expenses: $200 + $151 + $75 + $57 + $53 = $536

Estimated final total: $1,313.87 + $536 = $1,849.87

PLUS, we also need to purchase some do-it-yourself kits so that the orphanage can perform regular testing, clean the existing water tanks, install an additional tank, prepare a trench for the new pvc pipe etc. which will also add additional costs. We are hoping to have everything installed and running in the next month (fingers crossed!).

So to those that have helped us get this far, thank you so much for making a difference in the lives of these 94 orphans. For those that have been waiting for the right opportunity…here it is!

If you are able to help us continue with this incredibly important project please send us a donation, and remember every dollar counts! Also please show this link to your friends and family as well. Thanks.

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